Terms And Conditions

The Season Passcard holders (hereinafter described as the “the Licensee”) in purchasing the transponder/windscreen tag/passcard agrees to become the Licensee of SCP Parking Sdn Bhd / SCP Assets Sdn Bhd (hereinafter described as “The Company”) under following terms and conditions:

  1. Subject to the discretion and upon approval by the Company of an application, The Company may upon the payment of the fee, issue the Licensee with a transponder/windscreen tag/passcard. If there shall be more than two (2) vehicles registered for each transponder/windscreen tag/passcard and only one transponder/windscreen tag/passcard is to be issued upon the approval of such application.
  2. The Licensee, its servant, agents, and invitees shall use the designated car parking areas and occupy the car parking bays at their own risk and hereby release The Company, its servant, its agents, and invitees from all claims and demands the full extent permitted by the law of every kind resulting from accident, theft, damage or injury to person or property however caused accruing in or upon the car parking area. The Licensee shall be responsible for and to indemnify The Company against all damages occasioned to the car parking areas or to any person caused by the default or negligence of the Licensee, its servants, agents and invitees and to pay and make good to The Company all and every loss and damage sustained by The Company.
  3. Season parking fees are to be paid in advance before the commencement of the approved parking period.
  4. The Licensee is required to pay a deposit for the transponder/windscreen tag/passcard which the deposit is refundable upon termination and return of the transponder/windscreen tag/passcard in good condition. The Company hereby reserves the right to set off against the deposit any outstanding amount owned by the Licensee.
  5. The Licensee shall pay a rental deposit upon application under personal account of which the same shall be refunded upon termination of the season parking facilities. The Company hereby reserves the right to set off against the rental deposit any outstanding amount owned by the Licensee.
  6. All payment for season parking shall be in accordance the payment term stipulated by The Company. The Company hereby reserves the right to vary the payment term without having to give any prior written notice from time to time.
  7. Refunds are by cheques and payable to the name of the Applicant only.
  8. Transponder/windscreen tag/parking stickers issued by the Company must be displayed on the windscreen. The Licensee must notify The Company immediately of any change in vehicle or vehicle registration number for necessary change in The Company’s record. Any season parking vehicle found displaying the transponder/windscreen tag/parking stickers which does not correspond with vehicle registration number shall subject to Clause 9 be stopped from entering the car park.
  9. The transponder/windscreen tag/passcard is strictly non-transferable. Should any vehicle registration number to be different from the one given to The Company leading to The Company issuing the transponder/windscreen tag/passcard, the vehicle shall be treated as a casual parking vehicle and a parking fee will be charged according to the enforced rates.
  10. Any season parking vehicle found not displaying a valid transponder/windscreen tag/parking stickers will be charged according to the enforced rates.
  11. The Licensee shall be wholly responsible for safe keeping of the transponder/windscreen tag/passcard being loss, the same shall be replaced upon payment of a fee to The Company.
  12. Any Licensee to renew the season parking shall prior to the date of expiration of the current licensing period, pay parking fees in accordance with Clause 3 herein before. Failing so, a re-connection fee of RM10.00 will be imposed.
  13. The Company shall impose Administration fees of RM50-00 in lieu of any dishonor cheques.
  14. The Licensee must give The Company a full calendar month advance written notification of intention to terminate the season parking. A full calendar month parking charge shall be imposed on the Licensee on the month in which termination is to be effected.
  15. Season parking is only allowed for parking of vehicles and no other activities or purpose is allowed.
  16. The Company reserved the right to terminate the season parking from any licensee who is found to be in breach of any of the terms and condition herein and no refund will be granted.
  17. The Company shall reserve the right to increase the season parking rates, at such time as it deems fit. Notification of this increase shall be served on the licensee or by displaying such notice at the car park booth/car park areas/The Company’s site office.
  18. Any Written notice by either party shall be deemed sufficiently served if it is left at the address of the respective parties herein stated or sent by registered post to any such address in the last mentioned case the services shall be deemed to be made at the time when the registered letter would be in the ordinary course of post be delivered.
  19. The Licensee is required to pay a full month’s parking fee for commencement of parking on or before the 15th day of the month while half a month of parking fee shall be charged for commencement after 15th of the month.
  20. The Company will not entertain any temporary cessation of parking facility by the Licensee. Any Licensee who wish to do so will be treated as having their parking facilities terminated with immediate effect. Licensee who wish to continue with the parking facility at a later date will have to apply as a new applicant and approval of this application is sorely at the discretion of The Company.
  21. The Company reserves the right to withdraw the season parking licensee from any Licensee and it deemed sufficiently served by a written notice. It is left at the address of the Licensee herein stated.
  22. The reserved parking bays are enforced from 7.00am to 6.00pm (Mon to Fri) / 7.00am to 1.00pm (Sat) or at any other time as may be determined at the sole discretion of the Company.
  23. Time shall be of essence of this agreement. No time or other indulgence granted by The Company shall in any way affect its right under the term and conditions herein.
  24. The Company reserves the right to alter or amend any of the above term and conditions without prior notice and any decisions made by The Company is final.